Committed to the environment, its protection and the local consumption


Sustainability and maximum symbiosis with the environment is one of the pillars of the philosophy of Hotel Encinar de Sotogrande.

A commitment that permeates every operation and service of the hotel, always seeking maximum efficiency and the utmost respect for the environment. 

Two values that are combined in unison in every action that we develop in Hotel Encinar de Sotogrande and that is integrated from the design of the hotel itself to its gastronomy of local consumption or the most innovative air quality isms.

Hotel Encinar de Sotogrande Sustainability


The design and interior architecture of the spaces have been renovated using organic materials, with a strong emphasis on wood, always seeking to maximize the use of natural light.


The gastronomic offer of "Acebuche" and "La Bellota" is based on an offer where local and proximity products predominate, helping local commerce in the area of San Roque and the province of Cadiz.


The Encinar de Sotogrande hotel has the most advanced technology currently on the market in terms of air conditioning, ventilation and domestic hot water production, which in addition to achieving a very high efficiency in its facilities has improvements both in terms of comfort and healthy hygienic conditions due to a double filtration system.


Each room has a two-stage air filtration installed in the air conditioning terminal units through the quad plasma technology that provides air quality similar to that of pure air. This new filtration technology, unlike the rest of technologies that usually act by capturing particles, acts by generating a plasma that destroys the walls and membranes of bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens and others, deactivating them and subsequently retaining them. Reaching to deactivate viruses such as SARS -COV- 2 in 99.8%, all this is certified by SEAIC (Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology).